Sunday, January 6, 2013

The trip; doing hair colors looking-well with your skin

Hello everyone! Today I have a trip for person who love to change your hair style to looking-well with your skin. Normally, every people have the different skin of each person; therefor, if you decide to change the hair color, you should choose the colors are suit with you, and make your face outstanding.

For don't lose the time and mood, if you have a tone skin or tone-dark skin, you should choose the warm colors that the light has lower down than your skin such as:  light brown or hazel colors that it can make your face lighten, but be risk to choose the red color.

Moreover, if you are the white skin, you should choose the kind of light color that it will not make you face tepid such as: red, red-brown, pupil, or green color. But if you have two-tone color, it's the fortunate for you to make hair color because whatever you would like to do any color, your skin will support with your face sexy. 

Finally, a trip that to take care your hair to become damage hair from doing color: you should take care your hair that have lively hair before doing hair color about a week, and then spa your hair with treatment about twice a week, finally adding with serum to protect you hair have being well from sunlight, and managing hair style.  

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