Sunday, June 22, 2014

My littele job -- Start from the job to be the occupacy

Hello friend! So long time didn't write my story. It is because of the choice from working that make me confusing about what kind of the job make me up-forward and accurate to continue on to become the owner business in the future. I tried to investigate myself, but sometime I feel so sure that this job is absolute for me now to be make me to be the good business owner, but I head some people said that " it is not quite so true if you selected this job to be your occupy because it is very heard power for you. Maybe you would feel disappoint with it.

So much talkative for me hehe!  Ok, now I'm the spa receptionist at Suvarnabumi Suite hotel. it's settle near with Suvarnaphumi Airport, Bangkok, Thai land. it is the last Start for me who successful in working in the young generation.  In my target, when I've been working at here, i will be the Massage therapist in the next 2 years by after study finish at the Massaging School. I would like to learn the Thai style massage, next go to the aboard for saving money, and then I'll open my little massage shop at my country.

But the problem is every month I can save the money just a little bit, which I'm afraid  that it will use so much long time to open shop, and my salary that I've been working now is so less. By the way it enough for using for every day it is okay, but for planning open the shop in the future, it's no way!

Sometime, I feel I would like to move out from here, although, it is the good place, and have the good co-worker. I love to working at here, but it less money.

In my opposite side opinion, If I can patience with  it just the moment time, maybe i can get the good experience more and save a little bit money without sticky on the time to much. And then I will open the shop from my energy bag or not it.  


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Wonderful day, My Wonderful life.

       Hello everyone, So long time to lack to continue writing on bog, because last 4-5 months ago. I need to find the best job that suitable for me, and now I've already find it.Now I'm the Spa Receptionist at Suvarnabhumi Suite Hotel.My duties are checking the time performance of therapists, checking stock of goods, checking report of each months, and plan spa promotion also.

       Until this time, The best they for me and my family is Congratulation's Day. It is our worthiness in my life, and continue to be the honorary of our family also.

     U know that, to be acquire this ting is so hard, by the way. I love it to much. I need to rehearsal Graduation ceremony for 2 time on date October 29, 2013 and November 1, 2013, and then Ordinary ceremony on November 4, 2013. I accept that, I have to stopped working for 6 days, and I need to lost my some salary also. However, I don't care it, because it is only one time to happen in my life, include I will exactly receive  this ceremony from Thai Royal Dynasty. I can't wait to looking forward it now.

     Last, I'm so proud to be the Thai people because many Thai graduates  have been receiving from Royal hand of them, and to be the honorable of them family also. I have every heard that, some countries has never receive the Ceremony from their Royal or President before. By the way, it is include to be their pride of them.

      No matter, you will be the educator, if you received the useful study to adapt it in working and love to be. It ddoes not far away to success.

My Daddy & Mommy
My Mom & young Bro.

Take with my friends

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My first Job experiences

Hello everyone! it has been for the long time I did not writing blog. I love to write it but I have no time. So,  let's continue to talk about my job. I has started to work at Teamprecision  company. In my opinion, This company is very nice place because it is the stable place and someone who has been working here for 10 to 20 years before. First, it made me so exciting that I has already got the job. I started working on March 15, 2013 until now. After one week ago, the environment inside the office it does not feel good and feel deepest,  because from my feeling many people do no friendly and cooperate to work with together. I don't know why and it can made me would like to change the new job , but in my positive thinking, I think some day it gonna be okay. However, in this time nobody don't want to talk with me, but someday I can made them accept in me no matter way.  

For to talk about inside the company system, it is the electronic circle production which it bring to combine with the electronic display  For the working system, it is very complicated to know because it has many steps to produced and very fixable time.Staring from confirm order, purchasing, controlling, producing, and quality analysis.This company has 2 branched in Thailand such as in Pathumtani and Pajinburi province, and it also exhibited in Singapore and United kingdom countries. 

Last, The job that I has been working here that it very nice and I learn with it a lot because it is my first experience that has never done before.  I need to make it well done, and I have to patience with it, no matter with works or people. Now in my feeling, I don't care that any people will think any thing about me. The last thing that I would like to be the professional and get every from this experience as much as I can,  I love learning and interesting the situation a round my side, but one thing I don't want to know that is habituation of each person, that it able made me so serious, because each personality does not as the same, so do not care with it, just do the best as you can, and believe that some day, you will be the professional. Just learn :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Job Fair: The oppotunity to find the future.

Hello everyone! Yesterday I went to visited the job fair at my University. It has a lot of booth jobs for the students interests.

Inside the job fair it was so  nice becuse it has many kind of jobs for you selected, It is quite easily walked for viewing because it was setting inside the auditorium hall and did not need to go outside to patient from sunlight.

While I was seeing the booth fair. Each booth, I could see exactly some one or two jobs that it is exactly though with my major. While I went acess to applied the job (Team Precision ltd, Maketing program administrator position), it also near with my home, and it has one rep would like to interview me in English language. She asked me everything what she would like to know. On first time I felt so novouse and afraid, but she told me that if you confident in yourseft and you are so sure that if your ideas has creativity enough, nothing must afraid.

After that I felt  more encourage than before, and then I confidently to answered her without incorrect, although I actually use the basic to answer; by the way, I'm pretty sure that her company could be accept me to join them in working. And I am sure that thIs job is the correcting way in my choose.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Warm bodies; Most new Valentine Movie cratchy youth heart

Hello everyone! This blog I would like to present the new hot movie will coming soon on the Valentine's day that is 'Warm bodies' the Zombie get romantic comedian movies, and I also waiting for to see it soon :)

According to the entertainment news,  today while I was listening the radio news in the morning. It talk about the new hot chart on summer coming " the Warm bodies". This movies it is about a un-dead man, that it fall in love with a young soldier lady, who try to protect her country from assail from enemy of zombie; but she does not know before that some kind of zombies has still have feeling inside it. She has aleatory with a young zombie, what it so nice and handsome, and it can made her feel strange also.

Moreover, This movies was created from Warm bodies name of book, which it has bought from Isaac, Marion who wrote the non-fiction story book name 'I am a zombie fill with love', and this movies was moderated by Jonatan Lorvin.  The main top actor by Nicolas Hoult from About A boy and X men: First class movies. The top actress by Teresa Plamer from the Soccerler's Apprentic.

Finally, I ensure that this movies can get the high profit like as the same as twilight zaga movie which it has ever hit top number 1 chat since 2008 until now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The big 5 Change afraids for the new graduators

Hello everyone! This blog I would like to share my feeling about self-changing after graduation. Many students have this feeling as the same like me. WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE WE WILL GO TO START NEXT? Therefore, it is the big problem for our now.

First of all, I know that I have only one month for study at my University. This time it is the best period of last time to be a student because if I am still to be a student, I would like to do everything that I want like wake up late, small thing, do not serious, take the time to be myself, go to shopping or travel in vacation; but at the last that things will be disappear at soon.

According to every students, sometime they often to concern that what the best thing in the future will be come. Some people has already decided explicitly that they would like continue to study MBA, but some people, including me, would like to find job. BUT, some adult always ask me in many questions that make me very afraid:

1.What would you like to be after graduation? This question is the first big trouble for me that I cannot answer, or however  I can, but it still make me hesitated. So, I always told them that I do not want to be anything because I would like to do the job that I prefer and do not hope to much about dream, because if I always hope and then it does not happen in my hope; so, it able make me broken heart ;p

2. Where would you like to do the job? This question is like a needle stab in my heart because I do not sure that the place I would like to do that they will accept me; therefor, this question I cannot answer :(

3. After you get a job, where will you stay? And also this question. I am a person who afraid to travel or stay alone because, I am afraid in the criminal, harm, or any insecure; therefor I can answer that it depend on travel, if it too far I will hire the department nearly the office, but if it is near, I will go home   as quickly as possible :(

4. How much money that you expect? This question I cannot also, because I cannot force them to pay me a lot of money, that it should be depend on my qualification; therefor, if they offer to me, I will ask as high as I can ;) and the last

5. After this, what will you do next? This question it does not in my hope, but I have a lot of plan to do next such, I would like to continue to study MBA., and then I would like to keep a big money, then stay with my family, and finally go to travel every where that I want to go :D

Eventually, all of above is the steps of my planning to continue to go outside, so have you already know that what is your plan after you graduation?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Karmart; the one Public Company

Hello everyone! This blog I would like to share the interesting one information about the public company which it is has been the higher well-know in the cosmetic circle for the ladies in Asia.

According to Karmart, it is the one big public company that it is very popular in Thailand. The almost their product is about skin care and cosmetics. First, let's talk about the name history of the company. Last two days ago I have search the information to make a project from website, and I choose this company because I am very interesting in the cosmetics. From my research the Karmart company is the one public company Limited was the once named Distar Electric Corperation  Limited, which it is the distributing the electronic goods of the company; but now the Karmart has changed the core business to distributed the cosmetics instead.

That you see from the graph that, the statistic from selling and services the cosmetic product has been increase from 2009 to 2011 more than baht 383 million from baht 100 million , the second graph it showed the compare between selling and admin that it has very differences immensely, and the third graph it show the debit of the company from two years ago has been decreased, what it mean that the company has been still stable their business and less the problem from selling.

Moreover in 2011, Karmart company has been increasing from selling the products business such as: facial foam, body care, moisturizer skin care, cosmetics and another thing else about beauty care products; include they has produced the product is desire for the consumes, and they has set the group of customers to be two parts such as: one group is the skin care, and another group it is make up group. Almost customer will hear the brand and product from diary media such as: on television, radio, magazine, and website.

According to the advertising and public relationship plan, it has investigated toward to persuaded the customers by making the brand look beauty and well-using. The product has been inspired by Korean beauty style to the young Thai woman; therefor, they marketer know that, the best way to make their product throughout inspired the young ladies be an popular brand by investing on media and PR
budget for over baht 100 million to advertise such, on the newspapers, magazine and magazine for SME , radio commercial, advertising on the television, and online media. Moreover, they has been the big sponsor in the concert name "Karmart present 2 PM Hand up Asia Tour in Bangkok 2012" by hired 2 PM Korea single to support their promote the products.

However, the social media is the one way able make them move up to get the higher benefit, no matter on social media such, Facebook, Twitter, or on the websites. This way can make the customer get more convenience than to go to buy from the shop. They see that the target of consumer in the market that is " fast, real time, and convenience people to get access to".

Nevertheless, in the future plan, Karmart has the plan to develop it's product to follow the customer desire always; and the product they will increase such as: supplements, beauty enhancement products, and snack, that these are the strategy of the company that was already build in 2012. Now in 2013, they has made it done already.

Thank you the citation from: Kamart annual report 2011
* This information using for education and did not any intend to harm.